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Ian Dittman

Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Ian started playing in bands in the early seventies [as a young child of course] and refuses to stop doing it. As a kid growing up in the late fifties and early sixties the songs that are now in The Rockhoppers set list were Ianís early major influences and the reason for his love of that music and era. Ian is also a current member of Sydneyís award winning kings of rockiní blues and swing The Bellhops. Ian is currently building a replica of The Bismark in his backyard and is a keen breeder of racing gerbils.

Rob Turner

Lead Guitar / Vocals

Rob was born at a very young age in Perth, and before he knew it he was rockin' the stages of Sydney and up and down the east coast. He has played in a variety of bands, and is equally at home on the classical guitar, acoustic duos and in jazz, blues and rock settings. Rob is excited about playing the music of his early influences with The Rockhoppers. In a recent interview he was quoted as saying, "I'm excited." Before adding, "no, I mean it, Iím really excited." (We get the drift.) Rob is particularly happy about reuniting with the musicians he has played with many times over the years. Of this he said, "One time they sent me to a gig in an obscure town where no one turned up, including them! I later found out that they were playing at a secret gig with The Rolling Stones. Anyway, all is forgiven now and Iím hoping this time around they'll actually let me get on stage." A consummate, dedicated musician and teacher; Rob plays Fender guitars and Fender amps. His car also has them. ( Fenders that is, not guitars and amps.) Rob resides in Sydney and is happily married with two young children. A recent statement released by his family said, " We fully support Rob's career and wish the band lots of success. We hope that they get lots of long tours a long way away."

Steve Lovarini

Drums / Vocals

Steve began his drumming career on his motherís Tupperware set from an early age. He always had an appreciation of the various styles of great music including rock n roll, rhythm and blues, pop, funk and soul. Steve has played with various artists and musicians including The Bellhops,  The Hellboppers, The PJ Obrien Band, Strum, The Acoustic Legends Show, The Rockin' Eddie Band, The Machinations as well as being current drummer for the award winning Sydney blues and swing band, The Bellhops. Steve has toured both nationally and internationally enjoying his highlight grand tour of the USA.Steve also undertakes nude drumming lessons, subject to discretion and availability.

Mark Roulston

Double Bass  / Vocals

Mark began playing the Double Bass in 2012 and loves to slap that thing. Mark is proud of his double bass calluses and will show them off to anyone, mostly unsolicited. The new calluses compliment his much older electric bass calluses. Mark and Steve are a rhythm section combination that is the backbone of the award winning Rhytm'n'Blues band The Bellhops and has backed award winning guitar sensation PJ O'Brien, The Acoustic Legends Showband, The Hellboppers, the award winning Strum and The Rockin Eddie Band. Mark is excited to be part of the Rockhoppers

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